Board of Directors

Per A.R.S. § 38-431.02 Notice of Public Meetings for the Skyline Gila River Board of Trustees will be posted on this website and on the front office door.

Board meeting notices are posted at least 24 hours in advance at Skyline Gila River, 255 E. Riggs Rd. Chandler, AZ 85249. Meeting agendas and related materials for the upcoming meeting can be accessed by clicking on Notice/Agenda.

Approved meeting minutes for previous meetings can be accessed by clicking on the “Meeting Summary” for the corresponding meeting date.

Beginning January 2011 and moving forward, a summary of the meeting motions will be available on this website within three business days of the completion of the meeting.

(Please contact the front office if more information is needed.)

Skyline Gila River Board MembersTitle
Gena JonesBoard Member
Swen AndersonBoard Member
Vaughn FlanniganBoard Member
   Meeting DatesAgendaMeeting SummaryBoard Materials
August 15, 2023Click Here
July 13, 2023Click Here
June 22, 2023Click Here
May 3, 2023Click Here
January 30, 2023Click Here
December 6, 2022Click HereSkyline Gila River MOA
October 13, 2022Click Here
July 13, 2022Click Here
June 29, 2022Click HereBudget Hearing Notification
Proposed Budget
October 14, 2021Click Here
July 30, 2021Click Here
July 29, 2021Click Here
July 15, 2021Click Here
July 1, 2021Click HereProposed Budget
Budget Hearing Notification
May 13, 2021Click here
October 14, 2020Click Here
October 1, 2020Click Here
August 31, 2020Click Here
July 14, 2020Click HereBudget Hearing Notification
Adopted Budget
July 1, 2020Click HereProposed Budget
May 14, 2020Click HereClick Here
October 14, 2019Click HereClick HereAnnual Financial Report
July 15, 2019Click HereClick HereAdopted Budget
July 3, 2019Click HereClick HereProposed Budget
May 15, 2019Click HereClick HereRevised Budget
November 20, 2018Click HereClick Here
October 15, 2018Click HereClick HereAnnual Financial Report
July 9, 2018Click hereClick HereAdopted Budget
June 22, 2018Click HereClick HereProposed Budget
May 15, 2018Click HereClick HereRevised Budget
January 30, 2018Click HereClick HerePolicies and Procedures

Per A.R.S. § 38-431.02 Click Here Notice of Public Meetings for the Skyline Gila River Board of Trustees will be posted on this website and on the front office door at the address below.

Information on board meetings held previous to those listed above can be obtained by contacting the front office.

The Arizona State Board for Charter School’s rules require each charter school to conspicuously and permanently post a link on its website to the charter school’s academic performance dashboard and the charter holder’s financial and operational performance dashboards on the Board’s website.  Please find the link to Skyline Gila River’s performance dashboard here:   https://online.asbcs.az.gov/charterholders/view/538/skyline-gila-river-schools-llc#performance-tab