Lead as a Teacher


Highly effective teachers are the foundation by which students receive a strong education. Leadership at all levels is paramount to the success of our program and it begins with our teachers. We focus on empowerment, training and a strong team environment to ensure success.

We strive to provide resources, coaching and professional development to ensure teachers can successfully educate students. We strive to train our teachers to be effective in delivering high quality academic rigor and character development.

Leadership starts from within, but together as a team W.E.I.M.P.A.C.T our students, families and fellow team members. Success is achieved as a team!

Featured Teachers

I am a native from Arizona and teach at the Gila River campus. I enjoy working with the students and watching them learn and grow every day. Being able to help them catch up and improve in all aspects of their life is a big reason why I teach.

He spent many years in biomedical research before he decided to try teaching. He teaches because he can guide students to become empowered with knowledge, that they hopefully will find useful in their lives. It is also exciting to see when students have “light bulb” moment(s) for ideas they first thought they could not master or understand.

She is an Arizona native-born in Phoenix, Arizona, has been married to Stanley Rios for 26 years and has two daughters.  She received her undergraduate from ASU West in Accounting and worked at the State Capitol as an Accountant until her first daughter was born.  She started to substitute teach when her eldest daughter enter Kindergarten and enjoyed being in the classroom.  So she went back to school and completed her Masters in Elementary Education through NAU’s satellite program in Mesa, AZ.  She has been teaching since 2005 and has taught several years as a kindergarten and 1st grade teacher, as well as, middle school and high school math.  She truly enjoys working at Skyline Schools and looks forward to several more years to come!