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In celebration of National School Breakfast Week, GENYOUth is delivering more opportunities for breakfast in schools nationwide thanks to a partnership with the PepsiCo Foundation which is providing 45 schools with new Fuel Up to Play 60 Grab and Go breakfast carts, coolers and point of sale equipment. The funding for the carts was generated through PepsiCo’s Healthy Living program Ready, Step, Move… Give! which encourages employees to take steps on behalf of child nutrition. In 2019 some 25,000 PepsiCo employees took over 8 billion steps to support serving nutritious breakfast to students nationwide.

During National School Breakfast week, which kicks off Monday, March 2, 2020, celebrations will be held across the country, and at Skyline Gila River where they will launch the use of their Ready, Step, Move…Give! school breakfast carts and equipment. This equipment is being awarded to 45 schools across the country and will help serve some 4.5 million breakfast meals to students. Skyline Gila River qualified for the cart because it is enrolled in GENYOUth’s flagship program Fuel Up to Play 60, a nationwide school wellness program launched ten years ago by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, in partnership with USDA.

The cart unveiling will offer an opportunity for Skyline Gila River staff and students to meet representatives from the PepsiCo Foundation whose steps helped earn them the cart. It will also serve to engage and celebrate students, teachers, faculty and communities as a whole.

Nearly 1 in 6 US children live in food-insecure households. GENYOUth, the PepsiCo Foundation, PepsiCo’s Healthy Living program and Skyline Gila River are working to help even more students fuel greatness with a nourishing meal to start each and every day.

Gila River ‘s Breakfast cart unveiling will take place on Wednesday, March 4th at 7:30AM. Patricia Johnson, the Local Dairy Council Representative, a GENYOUth Representative, a PepsiCo Foundation Representative, Mr. Flannigan, Ardessa Gilder & Faculty and Students will be present for the unveiling.