Robotics Club

The Skyline Gila River Robotics club is a program available to students after school for a hands -on opportunity to work in teams and develop their critical thinking and strategy skills. Students work towards the goal of building a Remotely Operate Vehicle (ROV) that will maneuver underwater. The robotics program that we participate in is called Sea Perch.

The local and international competitions are based on actual real world events. For example, last year’s competition (2019) was based on the incident that occurred in Thailand with Boy Scouts who were trapped in a cave after a storm. They were rescued by the use of an ROV that was able to locate them and determine they were still alive. Once they were located, it helped guide the rescuers to the boys so they could be saved. This helps the students realize that what they are doing has real world applications and hopefully inspire some of them to pursue engineering and science knowing how amazing these topics can be and how they may be able to solve problems that others may face in the future.