Skyline Gila River joins forces to battle Leukemia with Leading Edge Gilbert

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Last night, Wednesday October 2nd, 2019, Skyline Gila River lost to Leading Edge Gilbert in volleyball, but in all seriousness the game was an after thought. Tonight everyone’s attention was on Arianna a Freshman student at Leading Edge Gilbert. Arianna had been recently diagnosed with Leukemia. 

“Coach Gray is a great friend and just informed me what was going on that night we played them.” Jeremy Basham, Athletic Director at Skyline Gila River stated. “Obviously our students and staff wanted to help out in any way possible.” Basham added.

The girls all wanted to buy the awesome shirts LEA was selling with all donations going to support the family. 

“Our girls are still learning the game of volleyball, but they truly do have have a heart of gold and winning at life. Our thoughts are with Arianna and the entire Leading Edge Academy family.” Basham concluded.