The State of Arizona continues to offer the School Tax Credit that can pass up to $400 (for married persons filing jointly) from your State tax bill to a public/charter school of your choice, without costing you anything! (Single and head of household filers may contribute up to $200). The taxpayer does not have to have a student enrolled in an Arizona school. This donation of up to $400/$200 is really an advanced payment on your Arizona taxes, just as if you had it taken out of your paycheck. This opportunity provides our School with much needed funds to support important extra-curricular activities. Our mission is to build strong, positive character traits and develop the creative skills of our students. Help us build character and creativity and we’ll help you reduce your taxes! You can allocate your tax credit or donation to either Academics, Athletics or Performing Arts

A donation is a personal investment in the lives of children in your community and in the success of future generations of young Americans. Making a donation today will impact thousands of students lives in the Arizona Valley. If you would like to make a donation to any one of our schools you may claim these under federal tax law as a contribution to a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. See your tax adviser on how to claim these deductions. Visit the IRS page for more information: Charitable Contribution Deductions.